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Media Liaison & PR

Media Liaison & PR

With over 20 years’ experience working in media, journalism and public relations, let me work with you and your business to unearth your exciting stories and tell your brand story.

Your public personality (or how you appear to the outside world) can be a key consideration when people make purchasing decisions and also when they consider whether they want to work with you.

Traditional media, and increasingly social media, is a conduit to your potential customers and these platforms can help tell your story. From a new business or product launch, to the newest, biggest, best, fastest, slowest thing around, anything that makes people stand up and take notice is of interest to the media.

Working with you to achieve your desired result, media and social influencer liaison is more than sending out a press release and hoping for the best. It’s about ensuring your key messages are communicated to your target market at the right time and that comes down to relationships.

I have built up exceptional working relationships with media (not just a database of names)  in tourism, property, business, national and TV sectors and pride myself on the tangible results I have received over the years for the brands I have worked with.