Take 5 – Goals for 2017

It seems like only yesterday that I was running through the madness and crowds at the Houses of Parliament to make the stroke of midnight at a party in North London. We arrived just as the clock ticked over into the millennium.

Fast forward to 2017 and I honestly don’t think I could have imagined how my life is now. Living in the paradise of Wanaka is a dream and while I am not a fan of the word lucky -no one is lucky, you just grasp the opportunities sent your way- I do feel lucky to live here.

2016 was a year of change for me. I took the decision to embark on a nine week entrepreneur course (Co.starters) with The Cell, Wanaka. I haven’t looked back.

This decision followed a mother-daughter phone conversation back in April, where my darling mother agreed to pay my course fees providing that by the end of 2016 I had left my current day job or I’d have to return the $1k back to her. She’s a smart cookie my mum and she knew that this was the motivation I needed to stop talking and actual DO something for myself.

The people I met through the course opened so many doors for me and I started on a year-long journey of self-discovery and new challenges.

2017 promises to be just as exciting – if not more so – as I work my way through my lifelong dream of marrying my love of people, marketing, tourism, food and where I live.. watch this space.

Welcome to 2017

So my personal career goals for 2017 are:

1/ Social media

Social media, digital marketing, SEO and SEM is to someone like me – who graduated with a degree in marketing 20 years ago – a bit of a minefield. I have embraced social media and technology in every role I have had, yet it changes so fast. This year I want to take my basic-intermediate knowledge to the next level to ensure I can offer my clients the best advice I can and implement great strategies into my own businesses. I am keen to study a little more in this area with someone awesome who can teach me a lot of valuable skills and tools.

2/ Social Influencer PR

Social influencer engagement and blogging for a living is an area of massive growth. Legislation around ensuring influencers and bloggers make clear to their followers when they are being paid for posts or blogs will continue to change the industry. This is an area I am yet to fully embrace. For my own business I understand the benefits and I am already starting to seek out potential like-minded people to work with. However I am still stuck in the dark ages trying to be comfortable with people making a living from “just taking photos and writing about their opinions”. After all isn’t this what myself and many other PR and marketing people have been doing for ages, using words to persuade people to take action.

The digital age has provided great opportunities for everyday folk to jump online and write about how they think and feel, what they like and dislike. I struggle when I read a blog and the writer clearly has been paid. Are they really going to say anything negative about the product or experience? Unlikely! So why should I believe you? So as you can see I have some work to do on embracing this side of marketing and PR. But hey I do believe you can teach an old dog new tricks!

3/ Expanding reach

Nearly all the companies and clients I have worked with ask how they can reach their target market in the offshore markets of Australia, China, Europe and the US (in the main). Many clients I work with are tourism or activity and accommodation businesses and of course they all want to target those who visit New Zealand on holiday.  The benefit of being a locally-based business is the insight, knowledge and one-on-one relationship you have.  The harder part is then building relationships overseas with media and influencers.

This year I want to work on building these relationships and sourcing key contacts in the markets that clients want to target. This will be of benefit to all my clients and also my own businesses.

4/ Launch my passion

I can’t say too much but I have spent some time in the last six months slowly working away on a project close to my heart. I would love to see this launch in early 2017 and to start earning a living from it by the end of 2017.

5/ Travel for work

I love what I do and I love to travel. So my goal this year it so spend more time on the road meeting new people and seeing new places. Sounds easy right? In the past I have had grand plans at the start of the year but life (ie work) gets in the way. I am hoping to find more flexibility in my career/life balance this year to explore more of what I love including new food experiences and events and I am looking at some key marketing and PR events and training I can attend. Hey why not combine them both. First trip booked…. I am heading away solo to the Wellington Food Show in May and this is something that’s been on my to-do list for a very long time.

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but I am a fan of setting personal and career goals to help keep me focused. I believe life can pass you by if you are not open to change and new ideas. Being aware of your surroundings and making conscious rather than passive decisions about how you live your life is key to a happy and healthy life. I hope to achieve some of the goals I have set for 2017 yet what I do know is I will achieve much more than just these goals and that’s an achievement in itself.

Here’s to a fabulous 2017!

The Power of One

This is it. After years of working full time for some amazing companies and brands, I have taken the plunge and am flying solo. Lindsay Communications is the culmination of 20+ years’ experience in media, marketing, journalism and PR.

Over the years, each and every job has taught me invaluable skills that I have carried through my career. Along the way I have met and worked with some amazing people and I hope I can impart just a smidgen of what I have learned to others.

The idea of Lindsay Communications is to offer my services and experience to businesses needing a fresh injection into their marketing team. I am looking to work with a select number of businesses from small to large. So if you are a small business looking for advice during start-up phase or a large business with lots on, then give me a call.

I also think there’s a desire and demand within larger businesses for support during extended periods of leave or to assist on projects such as re-brands, website re-vamps and new product launches.

Lindsay Communications is made up of an expert team of one – me ! It will always be just me so you can be confident that you’re in good hands.

I work with a fantastic array of other writers, PR experts, digital marketers, web designers and graphic designers, so if I can’t assist you with your needs, rest assured I can recommend someone to help.

That’s it for now, spread the word and if you’re a journalist wanting to be added to my database, please drop me a line. Also follow me on Facebook for general marketing, media and PR tips, news from clients and the amazing things happening in Central Otago and NZ.

I look forward to starting this journey.

Next blog…. My personal goals for 2017 business wise…